Lysle Betts, LCMHC * Psychotherapy & Counseling   

 I am a psychotherapist and mental health counselor in private practice in the Triangle of NC since 1995, licensed by the NC Board of Licensed Professional Counselors (NCBLPC). My work grows out of a positive view of human nature, and a belief that all people contain an inner tendency toward growth.  My goal in therapy is to provide my clients with a safe, spacious, accepting environment so that they might discover and dissolve obstacles to that innate tendency to heal and grow and thrive.     I am a native North Carolinian. I received a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Religion from Wake Forest University in 1982, and a master's degree in Counseling from North Carolina Central University in 1995 - with a brief tenure in a doctoral program in religion at Duke in between. My counseling experience prior to being in a private psychotherapy practice includes 2 years in a social work agency, 4 years in a community crisis assistance program, and 3 years a church setting. Additional trainings include grief and loss resolution with Elisabeth Kuhbler-Ross's Shanti Nilaya Foundation, and community building skills training with Scott Peck's Foundation for Community Encouragement. My theoretical orientation has been particularly influenced by the work of Carl Jung (archetypal psychology), Carl Rogers (person centered psychotherapy), Victor Frankl (existential psychotherapy), and the principles of psychodynamic psychotherapy. I am the mother of a young adult daughter and stepson, happily second married for over a decade, and am an adult adoptee who has experienced the search and reunion process.     There is research to support the idea that positive therapy outcomes have as much or more to do with the match between the therapist and client as they have to do with methods or types of therapy -and that positive outcomes also correlate with the therapist possessing certain personal qualities like authenticity, openness, transparency, and unconditional positive regard for the client. If you are considering therapy, it would be my pleasure to meet with you so you can evaluate whether I might be a good fit for your needs and situation. 
  Licensed by the NC Board of Licensed Professional Counselors 
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