Hello ~ I am Lysle Betts, LPC, and have been a private practice psychotherapist and counselor in the Triangle area of North Carolina since 1995. It would be a privilege to offer you caring, confidential help in meeting life's challenges & in deepening your satisfaction with self, life, and relationship. Though the issues that have you consider therapy may be painful or problematic, I approach the work from a growth and wellness perspective. The Chinese symbol for "crisis" is also the symbol for "opportunity". Our problems contain disguised opportunities for transformation. I tell clients that they are the best & only experts on themselves, and that my role is to facilitate the growth and deepening of their self expertise. This is called a "client centered orientation".

Specific techniques I might use are always held within this basic context, with the quality, comfort, and confidentiality of the relationship being foundational.
Research says that positive therapy outcomes have as much to do with the therapist/client "match" as  they do with particular methods - AND with the therapist possessing qualities of authenticity, openness, and unconditional positive regard for the client. I would  be happy to meet with you and see if I am a match for you.

 Lysle E. Betts, LCMHC 
   Person Centered, Depth Oriented
 Psychotherapy & Counseling            1829 East Franklin St, Building 600                 Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
Convenient to Chapel Hill, Durham, Cary, Raleigh, RTP, the Triangle, & the Triad ~  within a mile of the15-501/I-40 juncture at the border of Chapel Hill and Durham, NC, in Franklin Square, 1829 East Franklin St.~​to schedule a complimentary initial consult, call or email 919-401-6111 lyslebetts@gmail.com

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How many of us wake up each morning with a calm center, a sense of purpose, zest for life, satisfaction with ourselves and our relationships, and the clear sense that we're contributing to life in meaningful ways?  Some dismiss this vision as wishful thinking, or an impossible dream.  Others come to recognize it as their birthright, and use therapy to aid them on their journey to claim and fulfill that birthright.