"I did not know it was possible for me to feel good. Now I feel good almost all the time. I did not know it was possible for any human being to feel good most of the time - much less, me!" 

 "This is a new life. I am a better, stronger me.  I have my self back, my spirit."

"This is by far the most productive conversation we have had in our entire lives." (adult daughter to her mom)

"I wish I had come to see you YEARS ago!"

"Thank you for your work.  It's amazing how invigorated I always feel after our sessions. It's not like there's a switch I can turn on to make everything better all at once. But I always feel invigorated.  I feel so much better  - it's like a window opens, and things make a little more sense . . . or it makes more sense how to work on it.  It's like . . . there's hope! A lot of good things are happening.  Thank you for everything you do!"

"You have a wonderful ability to make all who come in contact with you feel valued.  Through therapy with you, I have become a more peaceful person.  The lessons you have taught me will continue to enrich my life for many years."

"You are definitely in the right field.  Please keep doing what you are doing!"

"Thank you for helping me be brave enough to search for the true path to myself. Things that you taught me still visit me at just the right times."

"You have helped me start believing in myself again."

"Lysle, thank you so much for hanging in there with me through this difficult month.  Your support and encouragement not to give up has really made a difference.  I appreciate all you do for me."

"A gift you have given me is the strength to find out who I am.  Your support, sensitivity, warmth, and suggestions have been a lifesaver to me in my time of need."

"I am feeling so great right now about everything.  Thank you so much for listening, providing great advice and supplying me with specialist information.  Your help during this time has been incredibly valuable to my mental and physical health.  In addition, I've learned so much about myself and how I process my feelings."

"Lysle, I don't think I have ever met someone who has exuded goodness and calm like you.  You have been the keeper of a map that you yourself didn't know you held, yet you somehow knew how to point to get me going in the right direction.  I will always my whole life be grateful to all the things you have helped me see along the way. I am glad to know that you are in the world.  I will sleep a little lighter, smile a little more, I will be kinder to myself and others knowing that there is love like that in you - and in me  -and in everybody!."

"When I take someone's photograph, they need to trust me to see all, the good and the bad.  To trust that I am striving to reveal and uncover the beautiful.  To  know that the unflattering light of circumstance, moments of darkness and blinking eyes, will be discarded lovingly and with honor. I want them to know that I count it a precious gift to see spirit.  I need to create an experience that is safe for the inner person to be coaxed to the surface.  And when I can capture the essence of the person on film, and reflect it back to her in print, I honor and affirm her person-hood and mine.  Portrait photography is a good analogy for therapy.  THANK YOU!" 

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